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Care Coordination Starts Here

MedAptus intelligently assembles the optimal care team for each patient, facilitating collaboration to improve clinical and financial outcomes


MedAptus and the Acute Care Continuum


Provider Assignment

Using patient, scheduling, continuity, acuity factors, and more, to establish the most optimal patient-provider alignment and distribution in acute care settings… the first step to driving the best patient outcomes


Care Team Assignment

Applying logic on patient care needs and encounter context to ensure that the most appropriate, fitting caregivers – nurses, case managers and so forth – are assigned to complete the most appropriate team.


Encounter Documentation

Once the right providers have been assigned, making it fast and east to document and reconcile all revenue opportunities based on services rendered and chargeable events, ensuring the best financial outcomes


Patient-Centric Messaging

Having the care team assigned in a patient-centric manner supports and informs effective, efficient communication with zero question around ‘who’ knows the patient best and is responsible for their care, even as this may change daily


Risk Analysis

Given all of the measurable components around a patient’s experience – how is a provider or group performing? Where are concerns around length of stay? Who is most at risk for a re-admission? What changes might influence an outcome?


Post Acute Care Coordination

Since the successful handoff of a patient from the acute care setting back in to the community is tightly linked to favorable outcomes, what are the most appropriate strategies to ensure timely, informed care coordination?

MedAptus ROI by the Numbers

$20,000 in annual revenue improvement per provider

60 minutes daily of physician time savings

$40,000 in labor cost savings from improved recruitment/retention

Potential of $400,000 savings from reducing length of stay due to improved continuity

Some of our success stories