MedAptus is a provider of clinical workforce and workflow solutions that empower provider organizations to achieve their desired patient, clinical and financial outcomes. With MedAptus solutions in place, intimidating, burdensome and complicated tasks can be tackled and overcome, enabling clinicians to spend their time where it matters most: with patients.

Physician-founded MedAptus was incorporated in 1999. Our company, privately held and long backed by Boston Millennia Partners, has been driving innovation in the health technology sector for more than 15 years. Our product success is a direct result of our longstanding guiding principle that if provider-oriented technologies are to be adopted, they must be easy to use, deliver demonstrable benefits and also leverage an organization’s current information technology investments.

And as the medical landscape evolves, so does MedAptus. Understanding that the optimal patient-physician relationship is most likely to lead to the best outcomes, our acute-centered solution suite starts at… the start: patient admission. The MedAptus platform intelligently assembles the optimal care team for each patient, facilitating collaboration to improve clinical and financial outcomes. No other vendor applies configurable business logic to ensure that the best caregivers for a patient are aligned based on unique patient and personal variables – diagnosis, history, preferences and so forth. From here MedAptus seamlessly updates other systems for full transparency of this vital data and enables team-based communication, clinician self-tasking, the documentation of services rendered for rapid and appropriate payment, and the analytical power to make adjustments along the way.

Our Mission

To be an empathetic, solution-oriented provider of software and services that enhance clinical and revenue cycle operations for healthcare organizations. Our offerings enable healthcare providers to improve their financial performance while keeping their focus on delivering exceptional patient care.