MedAptus is thrilled to have recently welcomed a seasoned product management leader to our team. Dan Nottingham brings a wealth of health information technology experience to MedAptus, with proven successes in the areas of mobile computing, secure messaging and staff scheduling. Even more interesting, Dan is a former scientist that has worked in the space physics area. So if you hear him say – “it’s not rocket science,” he speaks the truth.

I recently sat down with Dan to learn a little more about him…

Q: What is your philosophy of product management?

“Product Management must be the voice of the market and work cross-functionally to create solutions for well-defined problems for which customers will pay. To achieve this, Product Managers must be constantly learning, listening, and growing. If done well, Product Management is very exciting and rewarding.”

Q: What attracted you to MedAptus?

“MedAptus is positioned to take advantage for the ever changing healthcare market with new and exciting solutions, many yet to be defined. The path to success is not guaranteed but it is a privilege to be part of the journey.”

Q: What are you excited to advance at MedAptus given your HIT background and our solutions?

“I have a solid background in bringing new products to market. This requires building a strong understanding for the target market. I hope to bring some structure in gathering and validating market intelligence and then sharing these findings cross-functionally. This work should help drive our strategic solution decisions and provide guidance on tactical product design.”

Q: In your opinion, what is the greatest challenge facing healthcare today?

“So many it is hard to choose just one, but when it comes down to it, the greatest challenge remains how to reign in costs while improving care. This is very difficult to achieve, yet with macro market pressures such as the Affordable Care Act, and smaller scale pressure such as TJR payment reform, providers are facing penalties if they do not make significant progress in this area. This is where companies like MedAptus can have a real impact.”

Q: On a lighter note, where might we find you on a day off?

“On most weekends during the warmer months, I can be found with my wife on our boat, fishing, whale watching, or site-seeing off the coast between Gloucester and Boston harbor.”