When it comes to testimonials, I can be a skeptic. Just the other day I saw a commercial for something (I can’t remember what) where there are two people featured, no names, saying generic things like “XXX is great, I really like it.” As you can tell, the only lasting impression this had on me was that it was a really bad commercial.

Testimonials are a powerful tool in health technology. The theory is that doctors trust other doctors, CIOs value the opinion and experience of other CIOs and so forth. Open any trade magazine and you will see countless images of happy, satisfied customers, on the record and vouching for a technology and/or service that saves money, saves time, makes people happy. Even if you take a look around our web site, you will see a number of customer testimonials.

The most powerful testimonials ideally have some element of quantitative-ness to them – who doesn’t love a good ROI story? But this doesn’t always have to be the case.

Earlier this week our team had the pleasure of obtaining one of the best and unique testimonials we’ve ever had the good fortune to obtain – and yes, we literally recorded it. A physician-user of our Assign product (automated patient distribution based on continuity of care, acuity, geography factors and more) was quite happy to tell us that as a result of adopting Assign, he was actually a few minutes late for work.

Why was he happy about this and why is it a good thing? Because this hospitalist said that our Assign product had eliminated a lot of the stress in his life around the daily list creation process, a task that had introduced sleeplessness into his life. So yes, this doctor had so much angst about managing the assignment process that he was losing sleep.

“I was actually a few minutes late for work for the first time because I overslept – I told my wife, this is probably good sign as I’m not as stressed out making the list anymore.”

So there you have it – a better night’s sleep due to the adoption of health information technology.

If you or your hospitalist team has similar worry about making “the list” – Will anyone be missed? Will there be pushback? Who gets the difficult patient? – contact us today and let us show you how Assign can dramatically improve how your team aligns providers to patients – quickly, painlessly, and with impact on outcomes.