If your hospital is like most, you’re doing patient distribution by hand. So someone who should be providing patient care is spending valuable time handling assignment instead. Maybe it’s always been done that way because it seems only an actual person could handle the nuances that go into patient assignment- but that's not the case any longer.

MedAptus Assign is a solution that automates the daily distribution process, saving precious time in the morning, improving the process, and enhancing patient care.

Join us at an upcoming webinar to learn about Assign - and hear how one hospitalist director is getting a better night's sleep thanks to reduced administrative burden as a result of using Assign.

In the 30-minute session you will also see how Assign employs your team's custom logic to distribute admitted patients across rounding providers, ensuring continuity of care and balanced patient loads. So however your team likes to allocate patients, MedAptus Assign can handle it and then distribute the daily list in your desired form factor.

If you’re ready for an easier way to manage inpatient distribution, register today!