MedAptus’ Care Collaboration automation optimizes clinician productivity and patient outcomes while supporting the human elements of your facility with greater connectivity.

Starting with the industry’s only intelligent patient assignment platform to align patients with the best possible provider based on patient acuity, history and staffing availability, with product expansion for the similar assignment of the greater care team as well, adoption of MedAptus’ Care Collaboration suite puts the patient at the center of all information exchange for the best possible coordination, starting at admission.

Assign for Rounding Physicians

Hospitalist and other inpatient teams spend a significant amount of time on a daily basis determining which doctors will be rounding on which admitted patients. The core issue is that on any given day, there is no set patient schedule, just a list of patients needing to be seen. Complicating this matter further is that the roster of available providers typically changes on a daily basis. Until now this patient distribution process has often been managed by hand, either by an administrative staff member, or at some hospitals, a physician.

Assign for Care Team Members

Leveraging the Assign business rules processing logic, MedAptus has set its sights on enabling easier and better Care Team assignment, starting with nursing. With Assign in place for nursing assignments, hospitals are positioned to drive standardization of the nursing assignment process across units and can reduce the amount of manual work that charge nurses contend with.

Assign for Care Team Members utilizes complex matching algorithms along with nurse scheduling data to inform assignments that preserve continuity when possible, but also take into account patient acuity and needs, geography, certification requirements and various safety rules.


With MedAptus at the core of the entire team assignment process that is patient-centric in manner, a hospital has the power to engage team members (physicians, nursing, case management, therapists) with rapid, secure communication. Our capability helps to not only alleviate the question of who is taking care of the patient while admitted, but it goes several steps further by facilitating the collaboration process without error - in other words, no guessing or calls to find out who a message should go to. And finally, because we share your focus on creating a patient-first environment, the MedAptus platform can even reach outside of a hospital’s walls to facilitate care coordination post-discharge, greatly lessening the risk of patient re-admissions.