Automate Patient Distribution

Hospitalist and other inpatient teams spend a significant amount of time on a daily basis determining which doctors will be rounding on which admitted patients. The core issue is that on any given day, there is no set patient schedule, just a list of patients needing to be seen. Complicating this matter further is that the roster of available providers typically changes on a daily basis. Until now this patient distribution process has often been managed by hand, either by an administrative staff member, or at some hospitals, a physician.

Innovative Technology

Having heard this challenge time and again in the hospital marketplace, MedAptus developed an automated, rules-based patient assignment platform. Launched as Assign for Rounding Providers, this cloud-based solution leverages registration system data along with the provider schedule along with distribution protocols in order to yield optimal, daily patient assignment. The result is a flawless rounding list and options such as patient cohorting by diagnosis and/or load balancing by severity.

Reducing Costs Through Contuinuity of Care

In addition to mitigating provider and staff administrative burden, MedAptus Assign for Rounding Providers helps assure continuity of care over admissions. This is vital to patient outcomes given that a recent study found that increasing discontinuity of care (e.g. multiple different hospitalists caring for the same patient) led to a statistically significant increase in costs, and potentially an increase in readmission rates as well.

Integration Options

Assign for Rounding Providers operates as a standalone offering or in conjunction with our Revenue Cycle Optimization suite of software, permitting electronic access to the Assign-generated rounding list for provider coding purposes as well as back-office access for reconciliation against expected charge opportunities. This data can additionally be sent back into the hospital EMR for an always accurate ‘responsible provider’ designation and transparency of this assignment across the facility.

Assign Mobile

For rounding providers that seek and use mobility via smartphone technology in their daily patient workflow, Assign Mobile is an option for finger-tip access to a provider’s custom patient list, including tasking and notes and readily supporting vital handoff communication post-shift.

The ROI of Assign for Rounding Providers

Hospitals that implement MedAptus’ Assign solution for their acute-focused physicians benefit from this automation in a number of quantifiable ways, three samples of which are:

  1. Enabling continuity of care is proven to reduce average length of stay – by shaving just .25 of a day off of an admission, hospitals stand to save $1,000,000 per 10,000 discharges

  2. By recovering just one hour of physician time every day, another $35,000 of savings is possible – as well as increased provider satisfaction thanks to less administrative burden

  3. Many hospitals find it hard to stay on top of payer enrollment, particularly with locum providers – usage of Assign mitigates this risk, protecting as much as $33,000 per physician