Leveraging the Assign business rules processing logic, MedAptus has set its sights on enabling easier and better Care Team assignment, starting with nursing.

With Assign in place for nursing assignments, hospitals are positioned to drive standardization of this process across units and to reduce the amount of manual work — upwards of 30 valuable minutes per shift — that charge nurses contend with.

Computing Data to Optimize Decisions

Assign for Care Team Members utilizes complex matching algorithms along with nurse scheduling data, from the existing resource scheduling system or other feed, to inform assignments that preserve continuity when possible, but also take into account patient needs, certification requirements and various other rules. Only MedAptus has built a sophisticated, configurable Actuity Tool that enables fair and safe patient distribution across nursing resources. And with our embedded geography protocols, assignments can be kept in close proximity so that a nursing resource is only a few steps away and the rounding process can be completed more efficiently.

Driving Satisfaction, Outcomes

With Assign for the Care Team, hospitals experience greater nurse and patient satisfaction, and at a time when both of these indicators are critical to overall retention and HCAPS scores. In addition, by promoting both geography and continuity, two key variables linked to reduced length of stay, hospitals are better positioned to reduce cost and improve overall patient outcomes.