The MedAptus Collaborate solution enables a team – from a department to a discipline to an entire enterprise – to leverage the optimized provider and caregiver list as calculated via Assign, in conjunction with a secure communication capability (i.e., TigerText) for immediate information sharing or request.

With this advanced functionality from MedAptus, a physician can, as one example, immediately message the patient’s assigned nurse via the single tap of a button, with zero guessing around who the assigned nurse is for the shift. The same benefit in support of one-touch access to any consulting providers, the pharmacy team, the case manager, ED and even the community PCP.

Reduce Callbacks

Asynchronous care team communication that can distract from the caregiving process. For example, if a provider has a question for the nurse about how a patient is tolerating a new drug and the nurse is with another patient during rounds, by the time the nurse is free to respond to the physician’s question, s/he has likely moved on to another room or task, necessitating in many cases, a page. Or imagine the elderly patient that presents with medicines that are not up-to-date within the hospital EHR system – instead of waiting for a call back from the PCP, a secure message can transmit the patient’s latest medication record from the ambulatory clinical system.

Leveraging Existing Investments

With the Assign API for secure communication, MedAptus can leverage the existence of a hospital’s communication platform and make it that much more powerful by layering the accurate, up-to-date and completely patient-centric team over the technology – this unique ability reduces any uncertainty around responsibility and also cuts down on any time spent looking up contact information, or worse yet, any delay from finding out that a clinician went off service, or that the EHR information was not current.