Latest Analytics Offering Empowers Hospital Medicine Teams to Take Action Around Re-Admissions, Monitor Length of Stay

MedAptus® today announced the availability of real-time analytics, the Hospitalist Risk Series, that leverage patient history and admission activity to identify those at greatest risk for re-admissions, and also helps providers better manage resources related to length of stay. The new Series, aimed primarily at hospitalists on the front line of acute patient care, is available through the MedAptus Professional Charge Capture (Pro) suite. This latest offering extends the Pro solution’s ability to compute data from admission/discharge feeds and diagnosis history in order to meaningfully impact key metrics around hospitalizations that hospital medicine providers are increasingly responsible for.

Hospitalists, whose numbers are now verging on 50,000 practitioners, are becoming the face of acute care delivery. And now hospitals can lose up to 3% of their Medicare payments under the Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program which penalizes based on select 30-day patient readmissions. In 2014, nearly 18% of Medicare patients were admitted within a month of discharge at a cost of $26 billion.

Readmissions can be the product of a number of factors, many of which are outside the control of a hospitalist – lack of follow-up with the patient’s primary care physician, a challenging home environment, poor medication adherence, and other socio-demographic reasons. Given that MedAptus is right at the point-of-care with hospitalist end-users as patient encounters are being documented for reimbursement, it made perfect sense to take behavior data from within Pro and place it in front of providers to inform medical decision making around a patient’s treatment and ultimately, discharge planning.

The Hospitalist Risk Series takes a look at new admissions as well as the current census, along with reasons for admission, in the context of historical discharges from the previous year. Being able to access a patient’s hospitalization history, current and past, enables hospitalists to consider the interventions at and post discharge to prevent a future near-term admission. Aguirre Healthcare is one MedAptus customer that has embraced the Series for its ability to inform appropriate decision making around admitted patients. Aguirre is a physician established and led group that employs over 150 hospitalists and post-acute care practitioners that deliver care in more than 20 hospitals and post-acute care centers across the U.S.

Daily review of the reports within the MedAptus Hospitalist Risk Series helps the Aguirre team achieve its ongoing mission of delivering lower costs per case, shorter hospital stays, reduced readmissions, and exceptional patient outcomes. “Given the responsibility of our hospitalists for managing the care of a patient during a hospitalization, actionable data is critical. Many times the hospitals we deliver care at have their own mechanisms for recording the data our providers are most interested in, but there is often a lag between the patient episode and access to quality reporting. With the Risk Series from MedAptus, our providers are given real-time data on their own patients so that they can respond proactively to achieve the best possible outcomes,” said Lisa Krueger, vice president of finance and operations at Aguirre Healthcare.

“The ongoing shift to valued based medicine means that providers must be prepared to manage risk, and get ahead of it as often as possible. Given that our data can help groups like Aguirre Healthcare gain better insight into what is happening as a patient episode unfolds, we realized we could package and deliver the data to better position our customers to manage the risk they face,” said Eugene Schneider, MedAptus CEO. “Our Risk Series, mobile apps and Assign solution, which enables optimal patient distribution based on factors such as continuity and acuity, make MedAptus a strong technology partner for hospitalists who are always on the go and simultaneously balancing patient quality, outcomes and satisfaction.”

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