MedAptus’ flagship revenue cycle offering, Pro Charge Capture (Pro) is a flexible, scalable solution deployed to nearly 25,000 users at hospitalist groups, multi-specialty clinics, hospitals and academic practice plans. Pro delivers functionality for physicians, mid-level extenders, residents and administrative support personnel to:

  1. Rapidly document patient encounters for reimbursement

  2. Receive feedback on coding accuracy

  3. Manage patient rounding lists and overall activity

  4. Exchange information with other team members

Flexible Access

For providers that deliver patient care at multiple locations and seek mobility, Pro is additionally available on leading mobile platforms including iOS and Android. The benefit of mobility is especially embraced by hospital-based providers such as hospitalists and intensivists. Regardless of where a provider sees patients or how she/he accesses MedAptus, seamless integration with any scheduling, registration, billing and/or EMR system supports efficient patient and visit management and downstream billing activity.

Seamless Integration

In fact, only MedAptus offers proprietary EMR interoperability to streamline charting/charging activities via a single sign-on and preserved patient context between systems which include offerings from MEDITECH, Cerner, Allscripts and Epic. And for inpatient groups seeking a better, automated approach to rounding list management for more efficient patient distribution, charge capture and back-end revenue reconciliation, integration with our Assign solution achieves just that.

Hospital Clinic Offerings

For hospitals that are interested in enhancing their clinic capture of outpatient visits, MedAptus offers solutions here as well. Both Tech Charge Capture and Infusion Charge Capture integrate seamlessly with the Pro solution for better revenue control across hospitals seeking to manage both professional and technical coding and billing processes, however each are available as stand-alone solutions for hospitals needing to address only their OPPS or split-billing process challenges.

The adoption of our patented Tech Charge Capture eases OPPS compliance concerns and also eliminates paper as well as duplicate entry from charge documentation processes. Tech eases and standardizes facility billing by automating the charge creation process across a care team from a clinician workstation.

Ensure Accuracy

A key feature of Tech is its ability to translate physician procedural coding on the professional side into appropriate charge data master (CDM) codes for billing, ensuring maximal reimbursement thanks to consistently correct CDM mappings that are Tech can additionally propagate CDM updates to the point-of-care, further ensuring charge accuracy and greatly reducing the historical burden of forms management.

Comprehensive Review

Tech utilizes inbound scheduling feeds to populate end-user schedules and patient demographic information; even external professional charge data can be imported from ambulatory EMR systems to aid with cross-reconciliation in split-billing environments. This helps reduce duplicate tasks and further ensures optimal reimbursement by identifying missed charges and potential compliance denials.

Infusion Services Charge Capture

Groups interested in streamlining and improving their infusion coding turn to MedAptus’ Infusion Charge Capture for the compliant capture of these complex services.

Focus on Patients, Not Paperwork

Adoption of our Infusion solution enables busy nurses to spend less time on paperwork as the software automatically translates entered information into compliant codes based on the infusion coding hierarchy, and mapped to the organizational CDM for billing. For clinics that capture start-stop times in other systems such as an EMR, this data can be exported to MedAptus for proper charge creation as well, creating greater personal efficiency for coding staff.

Timely Alerts

Like the Tech solution, Infusion utilizes inbound scheduling feeds to seamlessly populate clinic schedules and patient demographic information. And like our other solutions that focus on compliance rules to ensure maximal reimbursement, Infusion has a sophisticated compliance engine to warn on problematic coding around primary service or hydration coding.

Only MedAptus offers such a comprehensive revenue optimization suite of offerings. Customers that deploy these solutions in concert (LINK to CNMC) achieve full coding and billing process transparency and markedly improved key performance indicators.