Take complete command of coding and billing operations with MedAptus’ unprecedented insight and follow-up tools. Our coding and billing dashboard acts as the management hub for the Charge suite of solutions.

This offering is also available as a stand-alone solution to groups who have effective mechanisms for revenue capture but struggle with a lack of operational charge management – most notably, inpatient and ancillary reconciliation - from their EMR system.

Leverage Existing Investments

As a solution compatible with every EMR system, this management component is purely focused on business office efficiency. Providers still capture charges in their clinical system however this data is fed to MedAptus to apply our one million compliance rules and reconciliation calculations. Groups that utilize this capability report greater staff productivity, often times reducing overhead.

Administrative Control at Your Fingertips

By acting as traffic control operations for inbound visit data, typically from multiple sources, staff enjoy real-time information around the patients within their system. Engaging, at-a-glance presentation shows open charge opportunities – in other words, potentially missed revenue. The solution additionally processes all incoming charges against enabled coding rules, provides immediate reconciliation tools, enables coder-to-clinician communication via embedded messaging, and interfaces with billing systems.

Real-Time Insight

One of the most powerful features of our operational charge management platform is its dashboard view of charge activity across any user, group, location or even an entire organization. In a matter of seconds, users can access a color-coded calendar view of patient admissions, identify patient charges that are late or missing, and understand any potentially problematic coding patterns requiring training intervention.